There are certain principals and ethical guidelines which should be followed in city governance by Mayor. City goverment works the best when community members and goverment can work as partners, however, it is also very important that public involvement is encouraged.

The basic principles in city governance are:


City Leaders must be accountable for their actions and the engagement with the public. The meaningfull involment of the public in the city governance is the base of the accountability. Best Practicies should be always identified and shared inside of the organization. This increases the sense of trust in the eyes of the public and the stafff working for the city.


Transparency with the city governance is how the community members get a better understanding of the projects. Public decision-making keeps the processes open, honest and mostly ilmportant understandable. The public can receive the information with enough time to participate or act on the issues. From the governance side it imrpoves the city staff's endorsements to understanding of the communitys opinions and needs.

Basic Ethical Rules for Governance

- ensure better city decisions, which effectively would respond to the needs and priorities of the citizens
- engage community to be part of the solution or find the solution by listening their ideas
- engagin a broader diversity of the people who have not been engaged before
- increase a public understanding and the support of public policies and also to increase the transparency and legitimacy of the actions taken

Development of Neighborhoods

When developping neigborhoods, it is essential to keep the basic principles of neighborhood designing and the principles of handling of crime in mind.