Latin American Cities Most Dangerous

Latin Americas cities are one of the most dangerous places on earth, with especially certain cities have the highest murder rates. In northern Honduras San Pedro Sula and Ciudad Juárez in Mexico have the worlds highest murder rates.

In San Pedro Sula from 100 000 people 160 are murdered eery year. In Ciudad Juárez the yearly rate is 148. Outside the Latin America the worst city is New Orleans with the murder rate of 58.

The worst murder rate cities have major problems with drug trafficking and gang wars. The problems escalate in corrupted and weak goverments and city governance , when most of the income is generated by the drug trade. There is a lot of debate going on how to curb the violent crimes in the Latin America.

Most murders (top-10)

Other cities among top 50:

1. San Pedro Sula
2. Ciudad Juárez
3. Maceió
4. Acapulco
5. Capital district
6. Caracas
7. Chihuahua
8. Durango
9. Belém
10. Cali
26. Manaus
30. Detroit
32. Recife
33. Kingston
34. Cape Town
37. Fortaleza
38. Monterrey
43. St. Louis
46. Panama City
48. Baltimore


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